25 November 2012

Either you're a blessing or a lesson

I'm sick, got the usual cold I get before Christmas. On top of this my skin really dislikes London and it decides to brake out all the time! Hence, no pictures of myself for a while but as always pictures of things I have purchased ad there is so much more in the post because of Black Friday! Dam the sales. 

I finally gave in an purchased some Creepes it was mostly because I love the colour of these. From some Camden store, my dealing got them down to £26
This was my Halloween dress from Topshop Boutique, eBay £28. I plan to wear it as night dress now 
Some stupid T-shirt I really liked from some Camden market stall, £12 
So, these wedge high top trainers are from Miss Selfridge and I've worn them once as they gave me terrible blisters as they are too big (Mt feet have gone down a size, how is that possible and why can't my body do the same?!) and I'm worried it will happen again
I'm sure you've seen this skirt everywhere and in every colour, mine is from American Apparel £21 (possibly) 
I've been wanting this handbag for a very long time but at £110 I wasn't willing.... I was willing in the sale though! 

Finally, some black and cream faux leather gloves from Topshop. I needed some gloves that would go with anything. 

I've pretty much finished my first term of university. It hasn't been as good as I expected and I maybe changing my course.... specially since I might fail anyway because I forgot to print out my bibliography to go with my essay. Such a joke. Ben and I have been to many comedy nights because it's just a ten minute walk and it's bloody great in there. So much more info and pictures to come and now I'm free from work I can post more! Thanks for sticking with me. 

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  1. Love everything you've bought, especially the creepers! x