12 November 2012

Loca Como Tu Madre

     Okay, so I promise I now have more time to blog. Yes, I have said it before but things are slowing down for the holidays and this makes me happy! I've been doing lots but at the same time, nothing at all. London makes me tired so I often wake up late and miss half the day. I hope to change that in the new year. I celebrated Halloween and I loved Tom being down and shaking my stuff with him at Nicki Minaj (though I nearly fainted!) We also had one of Ben's friends over. It was nice to have familiar faces around since we don't really have friends here. I'm happy as a loner so it's fine. Promise a more interesting post in the week of the buys and maybe even a post with photographs of our 'studio room' (it's tiny) PS: I got tickets to go see Lana Del Rey with Ben for our second year anniversary crap. Lucky me!

Dress from Topshop Boutique (eBay £28) 

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