11 August 2012

The hard work hasn't even begun

Finally I got round to use all of July's Glossybox products and here is what I thought...

This sea spray is by Awapuhi Wild Ginger and it's intention is to make beach waves and give the hair some body. First of all I don't like ginger but that is just a personal thing. More importantly when it came to actually using the product one can use it on wet or dry hair which is a bonus. My hair is already wavy but it has no real definition to it. I've always wanted to use a sea spray but never got round to it and it's a shame to say that it made no difference to my hair one bit. Not dry, not wet. My hair was the same as always but maybe it has a different effect of straight hair types, who knows?! What I did like is that it didn't make my hair dry which I was worried about. 
I didn't go on to use this with much hopes because I thought it was intended on mature skin... I'm only 18 so I like to think I have young skin and I can honestly say... it's great! It is intended to calm any skin redness on the face from spots/ weather/stress etc and it really does! It is filled with good natural ingredients, something I'm a fan of. So it doesn't cover any more than a good foundation would but if you don't feel like wearing foundation and don't have any spots, it is perfect. It also moistures the skin and it smells rather nice. 
This was my favourite product in the box. It's a 'jelly frosting' by Jelly Pong Pong. I had never heard of this brand before and now I have, I plan to keep an eye out for their stuff. So this is a lip balm/gloss as well as a cheek tint for that flushed glow look. I only use it for the lips as I don't really do pink cheeks. I love the fact it smell like cream pavlova, it makes me want to eat it! The package look is very cute and in a nice handy tube. Only down side is that it doesn't last long on the lips about 30 minutes tops for me, for this reason alone I would not buy it. Plus, it is £10... 
I don't have much to say about this collagen gel, I guess it is intended for more mature skin? I've used it twice and honestly have not noticed any difference in my skin. My least favourite item in the box that I will be giving to my mum. 
This was the extra product in the box. The cleanser is nothing special and it made no real impact on my face on top of that it didn't even leave my face feeling fresh/clean/awake. The serum and balancing lotion on the other hand I found to be great. The serum made my skin feel tighter and healthier plus really hydrated. The balancing lotion made my skin look very even and glowing. This was the first balancing lotion I have ever used because well.... I didn't think I would need to use one but I may invest in one now I've tried it. Sadly not this one as it's a little too pricey.  
Okay, I'll just be honest; I haven't tried this eye shadow yet...I'm just not a fan of eye shadow. I will though...eventually. 

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