14 August 2012

Impossible to forget but hard to remember

I've been spending so much time eating these past few days and I'm pretty sure is down to the stress that results day is giving me. Anyway, I though I'd do a post on what products I use or a regular bases and the ones I have been using most recently. 

 1. Tea Tree Toner Water by Lush 2. N7 Night Cream 3. Garnier Fresh Essentials make-up removing wipes 4. Garnier Fresh Essentials refreshing toner 

 1.Garnier B.B Cream 2. Granier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Wash 3. Monu Calming Cream 4. N7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser 
 1 & 2. Toni & Guy shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair (which I will not be using again) 3. L'OREAL Elvive full restore hair mask 4. Boots Coca Butter sugar scrub
1. Boots Cocoa Butter body butter 2. ST.Tropez gradual tan body moisturiser 3. Avon Sun + gradual tan body moisturiser 4. Avon Skin so Soft moisturising spray.

Some of these products are just one of buys that I will not be using again but some others I really love and always buy. Do you guys use any of these, if so do you like them or not? OR have you always wanted to try any of these products?

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