11 August 2012

Everything's gonna be super duper

Evening! Recently I decided that instead of just buying, clothes, train/bus tickets and food that I should invest in things that I will boost my confidence and be better for my health/look in the long run. So, I went to Lush because that's a brand I know I can trust and have got on well with in the past. Here is what I got and my reviws: 

 My hair is curly/wavy naturally and very dry. It is always going to be dry simply because curly hair is always slightly dry but I have made it worse by using so much hair dye, bleach and loads of heat. As I'm growing my hair I want shiny and healthy locks so after some advice from one of the staff at Lush I got my self this hair moisturiser. R&B is a leave in conditioner full of good natural ingredients which smell sooooo nice. The great thing about this moisturiser is that (is used right) you can feel it working all day long! It's pretty thick and you only need a small amount  so it will last a while (good thing since it was around £11 for 100 grams) It can be used on dry or wet hair and after trying both, I feel the benefits better using it on dry hair. I will definitely be buying it again! 
 This is nothing new to my skin. Tea tree oil is one of the best things you can put on you skin specially if you have spots. I spray this on my face and rub it in before going to sleep. It really does work on spots and up-coming break outs. Not only that but it makes my skin glow more as it's a toner. At around £4 for 100 grams, it's a must buy! 
 My last Lush buy was a colour supplement, something I had never purchased before. You can wear this on it's own or lock it in with your moisturiser. I like doing the second. It's a very close match to my own skin colour but not perfect, Lush is not a make-up store so it is not going to beat many make-up brands out there but I can say that this colour supplement is great when you don't want to wear make-up but do want a healthy glow that you feel comfortable enough in and I sure do. It also lasted me most of the day and it didn't leave my skin oily or dry. 

Lastly, my last beauty purchase was this hair brush. Yes, it's  hair brush and no it's not for horses. This amazing beauty can be found at Boots for £11. It is the best hair brush I have ever had.I know, I know..."it's just a hair brush...!?" but this hair brush doesn't hurt my scalp when I brush my curls out or when my hair is tangled after the shower or when I wake up... I can't even feel it! It also barely pulls out any of my hairs on the way. On top of that, some how...just like a horse brush it really does make my hair shinier which is exactly what it needs. £11 may sound like a lot but really, it's worth it and that's coming from such a bargain hunter. 

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