25 August 2012

Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt?

 So my August Glossybox arrived a couple of weeks or so a go. It was Olympics theme because all of the products were from different parts of the world which was nice. I've now used the products several times and I can tell you how I got on with each on of them. So from left to right: 

DHC Deep cleansing oil. I've been wanting to try out a cleansing oil for a long time but didn't want to spend to maybe be left with disappointment. I can tell you that it is the best cleanser I've ever used. I spread the oil over my face avoiding my eyes (it really just smells of oil that you cook with but that doesn't bother me as my moisturiser covers it up after but may bother some) and leave it on until I am finished brushing my teeth. The make up comes right of with no bother. Easy peasy! I was worried that it was going to leave my skin more oily than it already is but it hasn't! I purchased a MAC cleansing oil as it was only £12 instead of this DHC one at £18 but I will buy it if I don't get on with my MAC one.

Glossy Box lipstick in some shade of pink/coral. At £10 you can purchase on of Glossybox's own lipstick product. I was really happy with this lipstick and have been wearing it often, mostly to work. Luckily its not a bright colour and makes a perfect lipstick for my waitressing job. It suits my skin tone and I really love the colour. It goes on well but doesn't last that long. I wouldn't buy it at £10 but that's only because I only buy lipsticks when offers are on.

Pro White Original nail varnish. This varnish is a product that is meant to cover the yellow of the nail from over painting them too much and bring shine to them whiles making them look healthy. I didn't like it. It have my nails a sort of blue/purple tint which didn't look nice and the shine was sort of weird. I was expecting a clear varnish that made my nails look 'better'. Definitely would not buy this.

All for Eve Eve's Balm. This is a small balm (that comes with a mirror) for any dry skin. I like the on the go packaging and the fact it's a clear product. I only use it as a lip balm and it works great. Moisturises my lips and gives them a tiny little shine. I know of better balms at around the same price of £4.95 so I would not buy it but I would recommend it.

Lipcote. A clear liquid in a tube that comes with a small brush. This products intention is to make your lipstick last longer and water proof after you spread it over you lips once you have applied your lipstick. I don't knows if I have damaged lips (I didn't think I do?) but this thing made my lips sting! It's meant to 'tingle' as it settles to know it working but for me it just stung for about 30 seconds instead of 'tingle'. Anyway, my lipstick didn't last much longer and it was not water proof. The only good thing is that it dries in less than a minute. I would not buy it again.

Lastly, this Spanish eye shadow palette (can't remember the name right now) was a waste of time. When I saw the earth colours I got pretty excited because they are the only sort of colours I ever really wear. Excitement didn't last long once I used it. The colours were very powder like instead of smooth and they didn't blend well. Lastly, they didn't last long on at all! Please don't buy this!

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