22 June 2011

And I'm dying just trying to feel alive again.


It's so nice to not have any work to worry about. I am feeling ill though, so I can't really enjoy the fact I'm not bussy. I spent all of yesturday and last night with Ben. He left about half an hour ago and I'm already bored. Tomorrow, I'll hopefully be buying a pair of new shoes and I have to go to the official opening thing of the art/photography exhebition. So pointless.I think I'm going to play Sims tonight.
P.S: 1. I've come with the the best idea for dying my hair. Will have to wait till I post pictures (I hope it's sometime in two weeks time) 2. Decided I want a face piercing again and I've decided what I want but I'll say near the time what it is.

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