13 May 2011

A little death around the eyes

Happy Friday 13th.
I really don't know what I've been doing these past couple of weeks, I've been slacking of college and pretty much only going in for exams. I finished my photography exam today and now I'm so drained. I don't think I did well, at all but hey ho. On thursday after the exam I spent the rest of the day and all night at Ben's. He's room was what I expected apart from all the Star Wars crap. Literally like the same things but I really can't handle Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. We watched four movies and luckily it wasn't either of those. We fell asleep at around one and he's mum gave me a lift to college. He's mine now but he's leaving me in seven weeks, the cunt. I'm meant to be going to the pub tonight but I have no energy, I'm going to make some food, lay in bed and watch TV.

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