15 May 2011

Passing an exam won't make me happy but it will make things easier


In two Fridays time, I should have enough money to go shopping and I can't wait... I haven't been shopping for myself since late February! I only have one more exam after tomorrow and I'm too happy to be stressed out about tomorrow's exam. I can always retake next year so I really don't mind what I get. Since I only have to go in for art now I have pretty much started my holidays and I'm going to enjoy it until I get my college results and then I'll probably cry at my bad grades and get depressed haha. The fact Ben is going away at that time doesn't help much. After my exam tomorrow I'm spending all day and night watching Skins with Ben until we fall asleep.

P.S: Sorry for the lack of interesting post lately but in about two weeks I'll be back to my normal routine.

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