01 January 2011

I love you almost as much as zombies love brains

Last night was crazy good. I love the fact I was with amazing people and what I love even more is the fact that pretty much all of my year group was at the seafront in time for the fireworks and we could celebrate the new year all together. I want to do it all over again. I hate the fact I am covered in bruises that hurt like a bitch, I'm crazy tired, a certain someone hasn't text me and I can't complain about anything because I have family over...I want to have a bath and go to sleep! My cousin has stolen my bed and my cat.

I don't have any pictures from last night yet but will post them as soon as I can. I really loved how I looked until I lost the main part of my outfit because I get tripping over it. Anyway, happy new year again, I hope you had a good night celebrating. I love how I entered 2011 but because of things that happened last night I've been left a bit confused.

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