20 December 2010

Come on let me hold you, touch you, feel you, always

Some finished pages from my art sketch book. My theme is 'Life & Death'

Tilly was so funny in the snow this morning

Lily was looking out at all the snow

Izzy gave me my very late birthday present on Friday, better late than never

The view of the snow outside my window. Way too lazy to go out in it

Couple pages of my diary.

I've never seen so much snow where I live before, I blame global warming. It's not right. I'm feeling a lot better today but still not a hundred percent but I'm sure my Christmas I'll be fine. I have no idea what's happening on Christmas anymore because I'm not sure if my nan and grandad are going to be able to come down and if they can't it will just be me and my mum, which as lovely at that is, it's also a little bit sad. I hope the trains are working on Wednesday because me and mum are planing to go Christmas shopping. For the rest of my day I plan to play Sims 2 but then again the electricity keeps going off so I might not.

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