21 December 2010

We walk the streets like we don't care, our little fingers in the air, so come and join us if you dare

Hahahah. the snow is melting and random big bits keep falling of my roof and it's making me jump every time. Anyway, this is another post about ten new things I want to share with you that I love.

1. I still love skins when the first generation was in it. I miss it so much, it's starting again soon.

2. These headphones

3. House of Holland tights, I'm getting these for Christmas

4. Photography by Jolijn Snijder. She's inspired me.

5. This outfit, as simple as it might be I love those colours together.

6. Ash Stymest. My kind of boy, beyond attracted to him!

7. This bike idea is so cute and pretty

8. Pretty much in love with this models beauty. I have no who she is though.

9. Even more in love with Blair since watching season four of Gossip Girl

10. Lazy rivers, this picture makes me want Summer back so bad!

I'm going to watch Bounty Hunters with mother and maybe do some college work. Have a nice day, I hope your day is more exciting than mine. All pictures from weheartit.com

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