15 December 2010

You don't own me anything, you paid me in memories

I've got the worst cold in the world. I had work today but I had to phone in sick because there is no way I'm spreading my germs to people by making food and drinks for them. I've been working there for a year and a half and I felt bad ringing in for the first time ever. I've been ill all week but I made it worse by going out Friday night, I was so glad that I did go out though because it was so much fun. Me and Jasmine danced all night, got the twelve O'clock train home, walked home in heels/wedges in the snow and some man that looked like Santa wished us a good morning haha.

I haven't got changed out my pyjamas yet because I'm not doing anything, all I've done is watched Gossip girl and tried to fix my GHDs. Oh and last night my cousin stayed round but I felt really bad because I was too ill to do anything so we watched TV all evening and St.Trinians 2 at night. Lastly, I've decided that I'm going to get some real hair extensions I'm beyond fed up with my hair.

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