22 November 2010

Why you wanna hurt me so bad?

Today was such a bad day I had no photography and it was just boring and Jasmine broke up with her boyfriend and I feel so bad for him because I know how much he likes her, the same can't be said about her though obviously. ON a brighter note I got round to taking pictures of my new bunnies, Luna and Dobby (the black one) . He is such a little rascal but she's uber sweet and such a cutie pie. I've got this random rash thing of red splotches all over my body and I think it might be an allergic reaction but I really can't be bothered to go up to the doctors I've had it for a week and it hasn't gone down so I might go tomorrow as much as I don't want to. Sorry for the boring post but I don't have much to share and have to do as much art as I can before my book gets marked tomorrow!


  1. Aww, Luna and Dobby are absolutely gorgeous! I particularly like the last two photos. Luna looks like she's dipped her nose in paint ;) I miss my bunnies but these pictures have made my day :) xxx

    p.s. Their names are awsome.

  2. Aw, thank you (: She's way too cute for her own good! Haha.

  3. naww they're so cute