20 November 2010

I'm trying my best not to blow it

Some more pictures from Friday's 'photo shoot' have been up loaded, these are the ones taken from others in my class of me and others.

I have to say The Deathly Hallows was bloody brilliant but no way as brilliant as the book, they missed out some many parts that they could of easily added in. There was no sight of the invisibility cloak and Harry doesn't drink the poli juice potion to turn in to one of Ron's cousins at Bill's wedding. I know it's not very important bits but I don't see why they chose to not include it... anyway I'm seeing it again on Wednesday and I can't wait for part two. Such a long time away...

My plans for today is to get my work done, watch some movies and find some gloves for Jasmine's christmas present, I nearly got everyones presents now. I'm still in my pajamas because I'm too lazy to get ready and have a shower.

My feet look so big here. I nearly always pull faces when someone takes a picture of me on my own. Jumper from Zara £25.00, scarf from Zara £10.00, skirt from Topshop (eBay) £20.00 and shoes from River Island £25.00

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