23 November 2010

If you are wrong in all the right ways

I decided to do my '10 Things I Love' posts on tuesdays. So, here is the very first one:

1. This necklace (ok, so it's ugly but what is writen on it makes up for it)

2. Shoes like these

3. Wrapping up in a big scarf and jumper

4. Really cute nails

5. How good Aaron Johnson looks now

6. Costa's mochas

7. Big rings like this one

8. The Book Winter Girls
9. This bag, I want it so bad!

10. Shooting with film

All pictures from weheartit.com


  1. Ahaha, I want that bag too!
    And I love the nails, maybe I should start painting mine again :) x

  2. I really want to find out where it's from but I have no idea how :( x

  3. i want that bag too, maybe you could buy it off the net?