24 November 2010

If I was a sculptor ,but then again,no

My day was pretty bad (I know what you are thinking 'here we go again') BUT on a bright note this weekend is going to be fantastic and I will be going to both the parties. I'm hoping to get a new dress when I go late night shopping tomorrow for my friends mascaraed birthday party but I can't spend too much on it because I still have one more Christmas present to get. I'm happy that I don't have to be in college tomorrow until two O'clock because I don't have art so I get a fantastic lie in which is good because I won't be getting on this weekend.

I have no idea what to share with you, I'm sorry I'm extremely boring but then again you still haven't given me any suggestions on what to post so it's partly your fault! Muahahah. I might be selling some of my clothes and other stuff on eBay, if anyone is interested I will post the items on here first.

Cardigan from H&M £10, skirt from Topshop about £28

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