29 October 2010

Pick your friends, forget the rest

I'm watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the billion time this month, I blame Sky movies. It's so windy and horrible that is making me not want to go out tonight. So I won't. I'm in the middle of booking Harry Potter tickets if my friends ever respond to me. Here is my day so far in pictures:

I love my cat Tilly so much, she was so cute as a kitten and still is (she's the one at the front of the picture not the other one, that one is Lily) Hahahah, I was watching Camp Rock 2 just because I love the song 'Introducing Me' so cute and fun to sing. Now my throat hurts and I need to do more art.

Top from Topshop, £30.00 and skirt from Zara about £25.00

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