28 October 2010

I can count on you like 4, 3, 2 and you'll be there

Today is another day for homework and more homework. I've spent my morning on the Internet and got some milk. I've done some art and will be doing some more soon as well as sociology. For now I'm listening to Bruno Mars' album and I LOVE it. It's so darn good and mega cute. I've also decided to do what I used to do on my old blog my "10 things I love" it's just pictures of what I love that week but I'm going to do it every fortnight because it's hard to think of ten things every week! I think I'll do it every Monday about the past two weeks.

I'm annoyed that I haven't used all the film on my photography project but I'm not feeling inspired to take any pictures of anything. Grrrr.

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