30 October 2010

Find out too much about a person and you loose intrest

Yay, I'm up to date with my art homework all I need to do is stick on some pictures and I'll be done. Happy chap I am but also annoyed at the fact that I have to wait 6-8 weeks to see my stupid therapist, to be honest I can't see it working but I guess I would have given it ago and then I can know that there is pretty much no hope. I also have a headache because I forgot to put on my glasses whiles doing stupid amounts of art. I booked my Deathly Hallow tickets for the 19th, pretty excited though it only gives me 19 days to re-read the book. If I don't get too much work from college I think I can do it. I hope.

I have no idea if I have time to watch Gossip Girl since mum want me to watch Xfactor with her and I'm pretty annoyed about it I'm also annoyed that My Fitness Plan app on my iPod isn't working. I have work tomorrow and I have a sociology and Spanish essay to do, so I don't think I'll be going out for Halloween which means listening to the door bell ring for a couple hours because of the amount of stupid brats that live in my village.

Over all my day has been rubbish but the fact I've done my art and have Harry Potter tickets makes up for it.

P.S: I don't understand why I get blog views daily yet no one ever fucking comments. I know for a fact people are reading so comment, it would be nice instead of writing for myself. I also have one follower (the other two are people I know who don't even use blogger anymore) fantastic.

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