10 September 2010

Life is for the alive, my dear

Started college yesterday, and I'm really liking my classes. The only class I haven't seen yet is my photography class, but I'm sure I'll love it. Obviously I don't like every single person in my classes (there is people from the year above in them as well...) but they are OK. There is more new people that I expected, there is two girls, Wendy and Susie who I like and get on well with. My teachers are also nice. There is so much work to do, it's crazy. Obviously it was expected but I don't know if I ready for it all yet, it's only been a summer! They are already ramming the thought off university down our throats which isn't us fun. I know I want to do styling and make-up but if it doesn't work out I'll do something art and/ or photography related. But right now I don't want to think about that, I've only just started college.

It's my birthday soon and I've planed to go to a meal with my three closest friends and I'm also going to go shopping with Jasmine, Tom and maybe Wendy to blow all the money I have. And maybe get a new ear piercing with them. The pictures of the clouds above are ones I taken the other day because I thought they looked very pretty, it's just the view from my bedroom window.

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