07 September 2010

All we ever had was all around us

Yesterday was the day I officially signed on to college, scary but exciting times. I also got my new time table, I'm pretty happy with my hours because I get to go home an hour early every day apart from Thursday's but I go in an hour later so it's fine. I'm trying to get my art and sociology work done by Thursday since that's the lessons I have then. I liked yesterday, I had fish and chips with ten friends and I loved it, specially since I hadn't seen three of them for a long time. Later Jasmine came over to do some art, we got distracted and didn't do much of it so I hope to do it all today. Ahahha. I picked out her new bag for college (from Urban Outfitters) and MY bag arrived! I love it, it's such a nice shape and the colours could go with pretty much anything. I'm so glad I got it when I did because they don't sell it anymore! Lucky. So my plans for today is to get all my art done, go on a bike ride to the town next to my village and tidy out what I don't need in my room. That's a lot.

Bag from Urban Outffiters, £36.00

Shorts from H&M, £10.00 and top $12? Forever 21

Ring, Clair's, $8?

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