19 September 2010

I'm pretty sure you have a new girlfriend

So I get page views but no one ever comments of follows, sort of depressing ahaha.
Anyway, I'm thinking about dropping Sociology because my teacher doesn't seem to teach and talks for hours on end about nonsense. I have to find out what subject I could do instead of Sociology first. Another thing is that I'm going to dye my hair black Tuesday. My natural hair colour is VERY dark borwn so you could pretty much call it black and I've decided that I'm not going to dye it for years to come because it's in such a bad state and also once it grows to my shoulders I'm going to stop straightening it everyday and have it wavy/curled naturally or with mouse.

I got paid last week and I've done nothing but shoped and I'm going to Exeter tomorrow to shop some more. I also need to come up with a fancy dress idea for Saturday, it's my friends birthday party at her house and I can't think of anything really good and cheap. It's also my birthday next Sunday, yay. Here are some of the things I've brought (some are still in the post)

New top for work from New Look £8.00

Pants from Topshop 3 for £9.00

I would also like to say WELL FUCKING DONE to Emma's Imagination for winning Must be the Music tonight, cn't wait for the album. Please look her up on Myspace she's amazing and is going to be bigger than she already is.

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