23 September 2010

And it's is safer to hate her than love her

I've spent all my money, boo. But the good thing is that my birthday is on Sunday so Ill be having money again very soon. I'm going on an art trip tomorrow, only about an hour and a half away from where I live but I love art trips they are always so fun. I got my cat costume today for a friends birthday party on Saturday, i know, I know a cat is boring but I have no money what so ever so my mum lend me £5 to get something and that's the best I could do. I also went to an art exhibition yesterday with Wendy, Wendy is new and she's pretty fantastic. These are the things I got went I went shopping on Monday.

Ring from Topshop £8.00

Marc Jacob shower gel.... yeah I thought I got the perfume got home opened it and they wouldn't let me return it, bitches. Wasted £22 but I might give it to my nan for her christmas present.

Shoes from River Island, £27.00

Top from the Topshop sale £7.00

White/cream cardigan from H&M £10.00

Parker from Primark £13.00 it looks a lot worse in this picture.

Baseball jacket from eBay £25.00

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