07 March 2013

Me? Sweet? No!

Your eyes do not deceive you, only went I got my self the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch I had been lusting for! It's exactly what I wanted and more. The perfume is the first 'proper' perfume I fell in love with, by 'proper' I mean no celebrity crap or high street shop's perfumes etc. I love the bottle and the name just drew me in even more. The perfume it self  blend woody amber and gentle floral jasmine sambac very well. It is a much more stronger and grown up perfume than my usual taste (for example I really dislike Chanel numer 5) but there was just something about it. The fact my nan owned it didn't put me off either... my nan has good taste. 

I've nearly finished term two of of my first year at university and time seems to be escaping. I need to do more exciting things. 

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