20 February 2013

Don't let your dreams just be dreams

So I've been pretty busy trying to get my project done for this term done, hence not much time for anything. I did have time for Valentine's day which was celebrated in a two day part. Baked some pink Woopie Pies that didn't go to plan, watched romantic and animated movies, had a Chinese takeaway and also went to Cafe Rouge for an evening meal... so we pretty much gained a few pounds as well as a few gifts each. Ben got me A Tim Walker book knowing that he's one of my favourite photographers, a ring from Tiffany & C.O 
which is perfect for my taste but cute at the same time and lastly a Zara bag which he found from my latest wishlist post of mine, so obviously I love it. Sadly, I have not photographed it yet so instead you can see my newest pair of shoes from Choies. All though a tad small (cure being a half size) they are perfect. Now we are going to eat Nandos and gain even more pounds...I don't understand how I don't need to roll everywhere. See ya 

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