01 February 2013

Change of plans

Oh heyaaaa. So I have decided NOT to get yet another new blog but just carry on this one with a new name and different approach. I'm hoping that now it'spring (yay!) that I can start my blog fresh. The winter blues are loosing up and our life in London seems to have nearly settled down. I hope to do outfit posts with Ben as my assitant and photograph outside a lot more. I'm getting a smaller and lighter lense (which actually better than my current one) so there is no excuse to not take my camera out.... though I'm sure I will come up with some now and again. I have more motivation now and I'm not sure why but I'm going along with it! 
Here are some intas. 

1. Complimentary cocktails at Carnaby Street 2. Favourite healthy meal in 15 minutes 3. New mixed B&W and colour film for a new project 4. New Jeffrey Campbell shoes! 5. At the gym 6.The only bargain I got the first day of the boxing day sales (River Island) 7. Back home for Christmas 8. Going out for lunch with Tom 9. My first Wonderland magazine purchase (not a One Direction fan FYI!) 10. After our fireworks New Years eve kiss (I'm dressed as a unicorn... not that you can tell) 11. First pair of Black milk Clothing leggings 12.Ben got me an orchid for our studio flat 14. A band playing at Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park 15. Eating my favourite B&J in my Hello Kitty PJs 16. Attempted some form of snow like nail art and failed 

You can follow me at @HELLOIMELSA. Have a good weekend! 

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