20 October 2012

My face isn't very Chanel

Hello! I'm not dead and I'm finally living in London. Everything has been busy and stressful for me and I don't feel like an average student but then, I'm never average. So for the past month and a half I have:

Shown Ben the wonders of London and my favourite spots and markets. Shopped... a lot!. Started university. Photographed some models. Met some new people. Cried and laughed. Decorated out little studio flat. Had a picnic in Greenwich park. Watched endless amounts of movies. Went for a nice 'posh' meal. Celebrated my birthday. Went to a comedy club drunk. Travelled on the tube far too much. Joined the gym and doctors. Purchased an ipone 5. Discovered great new shops. Applied to a lot of jobs. Went to the Picture house cinema. Met Leith Clark my favourite styles. Saw Kate Moss and cooked and ate a lot!

 We made this in class as a styling work shop we had to renew a plain shirt
Light painting 

These are the first photographs I have taken that count 

 I live in the same place as the most famous boat 
Ben being Ben. 

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