22 August 2012

You are going to make some cats very happy one day

Afternoon. Ben and I have been getting the last few bits before moving to London to start a fresh (in just about 25 days!) I really can't wait to move, this place really washes a young person out. It's tired, filled with un-inspiring and low life people. The only thing it has going for it is the beach. 
I live in a village just of the main town so I will miss the fact that were I live is pretty quiet and the fact that I am able to see horses and sheep just on my way to work...whiles saying morning/afternoon or smiling to every village folk that walks past me. 

 Hat from H&M £10, Blouse from Topshop (eBay £3) and jeans from H&M £20
 Hat from ASOS £3, long sleeve top from Topshop £10 (sale) and shorts from Zara £10 (sale) 
Blouse and shorts from Newlook, £26 an £6 (sale) and bag from Urban Outfitters £30? 

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  1. Those Zara shorts are lovely (and a total bargain!), you have an amazing figure girl!xx