31 July 2012

Everybody lies, no exceptions

So I'm going to make my blog more interesting because it's nothing but lame and if I don't get round to it I will delete my blog..maybe possibly start a new one at some point but I doubt that. In other news, I get my A level results in 16 days and I move to London (today we paid our first instalment of the flat!) in 46 days! Excited me? never. I've ordered the most amazing throw for out bed and that's the only thing I'll be splurging on when it comes to the flat Here are some new picture of some new things.

 So I got these amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Nastgal as a late 18th birthday gift from my mummy. They are honestly the comfiest heels known on earth (any of his shoes are) and I absolutely love the colour of them... I'll be buying more of his wonderful designs even if they are a bit pricey for my usual spending.

Below is a brand new Topshop jumper that Tom got for me today (I do have to pay him back mind) I fell in love with it, I've been wanting a dyed jumper and a studded one so this bundle of both was a great find. You can get it right now at Topshop for £36

Lastly, I finally invested in some Vans. I find Vans pricey for what they are and I don't love them enough to spend £50 on. These however where a steal from eBay...won them for £15 and they are brand new. On top of that they are suede ones which makes a change to the normal canvas ones most people have.

Now I'm going to watch the Olympics and sleep.

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