03 July 2011

Knowing that you exist is good enough for me


That's what I looked like before I went out last night. It was a random night with a pretty random bunch of people but it was pretty funny and spoke to a couple of people I hadn't seen in a while. I drank vodka and then felt ill. I hadn't drunk in a field since a pretty long time, it was nice. Me and Ben had a 45 minute walk home... it was a track but I was drunk so it was pretty funny and he was just laughing at me. We watched 500 Days of Summer and fell asleep. For the next three weeks I have to go in to all my lessons and I'm going to try and do it since it will be the Summer holidays soon anyway. I also plan to get my hair cut and dyed next week. I still need to get Jasmine's and Belinda's birthday presents and I keep forgetting and spending the money on myself, and I actually do feel bad. Ben goes on holiday on Thursday for two weeks, so he's planing something to fo on wednesday but he's pretty useless when it comes to making plans.

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