25 June 2011

If you've got something to say, don't be shy

Don't you hate it when you read/hear something out of choice even after warning that you might not like it/get up set by it etc yet you still go a head a read/listen and after you wish you didn't. I wish I could resist. I wish I could trust. I can't, well... at least not yet but I do have high hopes and like to think that I will. But it's hard, since everyone lies. The worst part is when you know they are lying, so you give them a second chance to tell you the truth and they still lie. That's defiantly the worst part and that's defiantly why I'm still holding back. On other news... I haven't done one of these in a while so here is Ten Things I Love:

Cuddles in bed
Jager Bomb shots
In love with Emma Roberts at the moment
Festivals (well...being excited to go to one)
Vans lace ups
Girls that have this look
This. I want it so much!
Hold ups
This condom idea
Shorts like these

I've got work today half four till nine but I don't mind because I don't have college tomorrow, so even though I'm missing out on a lovely sunny day hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice.

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