02 May 2011

You never loved her, you just think you did

Right now I'm having a really nice bubble bath because I'm so stressed it's un real. I need to learn seven more Spanish paragraphs before my exam on Wednesday, I need to do a shit load of art before Friday which is the end of my eight hour exam, I have work and I'm not in the mood because it's six till half nine and I don't like working late, I'm pissed of that my mum's boyfriend is always here I told her and she started crying and I'm so heartless that I couldn't give a fuck...I didn't comfort her at all because I'm not sorry I don't feel like I'm in the wrong. In other news, I went out last night with a few people and it was brilliant, I was pretty drunk, saw a few people that I hadn't spoken to in a while, danced, got given free drinks and fags, we got chips, walked to Holly's and then me, Callum and Oli stayed there, I got home at about quarter to one and I wish I never got here. I need to revise before work and hopefuly work will keep mind off things. I'm so tired.

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