29 April 2011

I'LL BE OKAY. Is that what you want me to say?

So I finally got a job and I start tomorrow. I'm so glad to finally be working again and earning money because the last couple of months I've felt like the biggest slacker. Today is my cousin's 19th and also the Royal Wedding but I'm staying in al day doing art since I have my exam next week and I haven't done much work at all. Last night I went out with a lot of people and got drunk in the place where we used to drink when we were 14/15.... not gonna lie it was actually really good mainly because there was so many people I hadn't spoken to in a while so it was nice to bond with everyone again (I realize that sounded really corny but oh well) I plan to go out tomorrow night after work with Becca, Holly and Lois and hopefully it will be really good.

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