06 April 2011

I want to go back to old times

I haven't done one of my '10 Things I Love' posts in what feels like a month, so...

1. These shoes are beautiful, they look like they belong to a doll.

2. I think girls who surf professionally have the most amazing bodies, I would die to look like them.

3. I wish i had long hair to do this, I love it.

4. I need these shorts!

5. Kristen Dunst, she's so pretty and a brilliant actress.

6. This earring/ear stretcher is amazing.

7. White tights, but they look awful on me.

8. Bubble Tea, I wish you could buy it where I live.

9. Water melon in the Summer

10. Abbey Lee Kershaw

All pictures from weheartit, as normal.

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