17 March 2011

I like you and you should like me because I don't like much


It's been such a nice day but now it looks like it's going to rain. Again, today was pointless, I went in to art and did one lay out page which counted for nothing and went home because I had a sociology mock exam and I didn't revise so didn't want to do it because I hate looking at low marks. I'm turning in to a drop out in everything apart from photography, it's so bad... my attitude towards college is starting to stink. Recently I've noticed I'm changing and I'm starting to like everything I used to hate. Most people seemed to be in a nice calm happy mood today which rubbed off on me. I know have Spanish and art work to do just like every fucking day. I plan to go job hunting on Saturday, really need some money for the Summer and just general stuff. So many parties and get togethers coming up too.


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