11 February 2011

Old stone, ten thousand years and you're still on your own

Since my therapist hasn't come up any ideas about how I can sort my Dermatillomania disorder out I decided to Google ways to stop but I couldn't find anything helpful apart from hypnoses and I think that is beyond ridiculous to do for such a minor thing, I just hope it doesn't get any worse because I've seen images of people who have (way) worse than I do and it's just disgusting and there is no way I want to end up looking like that. Bluh. I've already had infections on my fingers and toes and it's just plain disgusting.

I only went in for photography today and then decided I was too upset and needed to go home so I could be in a positive mood before a photo shoot. I feel bad for missing Spanish class yet again but I'm lazy and too upset to do a test for two hours. Now I need to do some exercises so I hopefully feel better before the photo shoot with Jasmine.

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