13 February 2011

Habits die hard when you've got a sentimental heart

So on Saturday I had a really good day but I can't say the same about the night. I got way too drunk and I don't even know how since I drunk the same amount I always drink and normally I'm fine. I got taken home by half ten because I got asked to leave the venue where the party was at since I was being sick. I don't remember seeing anyone apart from those who I got ready with. My mum was not happy when I got home. She made me sleep in her bed because she was worried I might choke or something haha. She also had to carry me up the stairs and get me changed. I also lost my shoes but Izzy has them. Now I feel beyond ill and need to do some photography book work. Blugh. Now I'm going to post some pictures from the photo shoot with Jasmine that I did on Friday.

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