30 December 2010

You're taky and I hate you

So I had a lovely day with Izzy yesterday. She's so funny, she always brings out my bitchy side haha. I decided I'm going to clean my room and do some work before new years eve, so I can start the new year clean. I got my Topshop puffy coat and my fur coat out the shed today, I missed them and forgot how much I love them until I put them on again. I'm so looking forward to dressing up as a cute puppet and going out for new years eve! I hope it will be an un-forgetable night but in a good way. I only have £45 left for shopping before I have to start saving for Barcelona and that makes me sad but happy in some ways. I can't believe how soon it is. Eight more weeks or so and I'll be there, back to my home city for the first time in seven years, with one of my best friends. Crazy. I'm not really sure what to do for the rest of the day other than clean my room and do some exercise. Hm.

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