28 December 2010

I hate this town, it's all washed up and all my friends don't give a fuck

Tom's just left, we watched the Polar Express and played Xbox Kinect games. I've had such a good day. The ice is all melted and there for no longer have to put on ugly wellies everyday or walk like a duck so I don't fall over. I went Shopping with Tom today and brought a dress that I love times a hundred and a jumper that was half price in the sale, both from Topshop because I spent my Christmas vouchers. I'm going to go shopping again as soon as my money gets in the bank, I really need some tights and some bras. Hahaha. All my thoughts are towards new years eve now! I need to sort out a costume ASAP. I think me and Tom are going as puppets on string. Anyway, I'm planing on having a lovely day with Izzy tomorrow, I will also post pictures of my new things.

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