10 December 2010

No food or drink beyond this point

I've had a totally pointless but very nice day today. I just tidied my bedroom and cleaned the bathroom so I rewarded myself with a cheese toasty. I've noticed I'm going off more and more foods my diet is so boring; Rice, noodles, quorn meat, chips, veg, cous-cous cheese and bread. So, so, so many carbs but it's pretty much all I like not including sweet things.

Anyway, these are the newest pictures for my photography project:

I'm pretty frozen right now and I need to ring work to see what day I'm working. Also, a few of us have decided to dress up as Care Bears for new years eve, you see in the town where I live is tradition plus it's second in England for the best celebration of new years eve (says everyone) so it's going to be f'in fantastic.

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