11 November 2010

you see there's clearly something wrong

Ha, I just posted a look on Lookbook from back in February. I've had LookBook for three years now and I used to post all the time then deleted my account and I'm using it again on a different account.

Anyway, I'm dreading tomorrow so f'in much. I have my first session with my therapist and I'm shitting it, though I have no idea why. I finish college at one twenty and then half to wait around till half three to walk up to the hospital and have my meeting thing. Really not happy that I have to wait so long. In other news The Constant by I Blame Coco arrived in the post today and it's one brilliant album. I have a Spanish mock exam tomorrow but can't be bothered to look trough to my notes, I might read and go to sleep. So tired even though I slept for eleven hours.

I love that I have a couple of followers, I have no idea how to let people know about my blog. I love the fact that someone has un-followed me, not interesting enough I guess.

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