15 November 2010

She's better known for the things she does on the mattress.

That's the view from my bedroom window, I believe today must have been the coldest day since summer.

I dyed Jasmine's hair blue today, and if I do say so my self it look bloody lovely. She wanted the underneath of her hair only and it looks great on her. I can't wait till my hair grows again. I forgot to mention the other day that my first visit to my therapist was better than I thought and didn't need to be scared at all. She was close to tears after she asked me to explain my 'life story so far', bless her. She set me a task for my anger to pain anything using blue,purple and black paint before I see her again (not till January because she's so booked) So I have plenty of time. I'm going to see Harry Potter on Friday and I'm so looking forward to it. I'm going to cry like a baby, I can already tell. Also, I brought I Blame Coco's album the day it came out and even though It's not as good as I expected it's still excellent and I love it very much.

On other news, I really wish I could wear sweat pants to college they are so comfy but I'd look dreadful going in with them on. It's getting closer to Christmas and I love it. I love hearing the Christmas songs on the radio and the streets decorations should be up soon, we are also hoping to go late night Christmas shopping next Thursday and maybe have a small meal, how lovely.

I guess I should do my Spanish work and go watch some T.V with mum so she doesn't complain I don't spend any time with her...

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