01 November 2010

Mrs. pre-Madonna this is your reminder

It's been a pretty good day and even though everyone laughed and smiled today it felt like most of us where feeling pretty down, but maybe it's just me thinking it although I must admit I'm very good at telling when one of my friends is not actually OK, no matter how good they are at pretending.

I really, really, really don't want to do my Spanish essay. AT ALL. I started the five bite diet today and it's already fucked because my mum won't let me just have five bites of something for dinner. I guess I'll just have to change to a different diet. I've got a headache for forgetting to put on my glasses in photography, this year I've been diagnosed/been told I have something wrong with me with everything! Well... not everything but four fucking things... under a year. How is that even possible? Maybe it's because I go to doctors now a days.... I really don't like doctors and I already know I'm going to hate my therapists.

Now I'm so tired and I really need to join the gym. Right now I couldn't give a fuck that my paragraphs and written out well, it's not English class, just in case you where thinking about it.

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