19 October 2010

You say that you love me...you won''t remember in the morning

Had my second ever eye test today and guess what, i'm short sighted. Me and my cousin where the only people in my family who didn't need glasses.I guess it's just her now. I always thought my eye sight was really good. Boo. I was annoyed at the fact that I didn't like any of the glasses there, well I did like a couple but they didn't really look good on me so I got the ones that looked best plus liked, they where the make Red or Dead for £30 as I'm a student (would of cost £99!) On a brighter note, I whent shopping with Jasmine and Tom and brought a few things plus got my rook (part of my ear) pierced and Jaz got a diffrent part. So here are the tihngs I brought and also the things I got online.

White jumper from H&M £15.00

Leggins/horse riding trousers things (not litrelly) from Zara £20

Velvet dress from H&M £15.00 This picture make it look really ugly, it's not.

Stag head ring from Topshop £7.50

Blue rowing club hoddie from eBay but originally Jack Wills, £28.00

stripe jumper that I got last christmas but mum shrunk it. From eBay £19.00 but origialy from Topshop for £45-50?

Jumper from Zara £30.00

Winter skirt from Zara £28?

I've got a Spanish essay to do tonight and put a bunch of songs on a pendrive from Jasmine. I'm going.

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