25 October 2010

I try not to think of what might happen

I spent my morning shopping with my cousin and grandparent because they wanted to buy out Christmas presents. I found this coat I really liked in River Island for £75 but I told myself not to ask for since I already have a lot of jackets for this winter. I did find a pair of jeans in Topshop that they got for me for £36 I think. I've been wanting a plane pair for a while, I do have some but they are from Primark (the ones everyone has) and they aren't that nice. I'll try to find a jumper they can get me as well or a colourful scarf in Accessorize (they have so many nice ones this winter)

I've been doing some homework which is shocking for me since I always do it at the last minute. I'm getting my sociology and Spanish out of the way first and then I'll do my art and take some pictures for my photography project. The rest of my day will involve watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with my mum and sociology homework.

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