03 September 2010

You've done your Christmas shopping and we're only in April.

I ordered such a nice new bag from Urban Outfitters, it's black and gray and pretty perfect. I'll post a picture once it arrives. Today I got a call at about 9am whiles I was a sleep and it was work asking me if I could work because someone was sick. So instead of having an Art day with Jasmine I had to do that but I have the weekend free now which is a plus because it's meant to be nice weather. So my plans are to read my book in the sun, do my Spanish homework, take some pictures and paint my nails. And on Sunday do my art work round Jasmine's. I don't really want to do much because I want to focus on getting my work done before Thursday. Do you know what's exciting? I'm blogging from my iPod. it's grate because I can lye in bed watching Big Brother! Pictures tomorrow.

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