19 January 2014

January Sales 2014

Just wanted to share most of the things I purchased from the sales this Christmas. This year I promised  myself that I would not buy anything for the sake of buying, meaning, I wasn't going to let myself be sucked in just because something is on offer. Nope, no way, not this year... I can't have any more crap I don't wear! So, before Christmas I made a list of things I wanted and obviously I didn't get everything on it specially since I mostly get money. So I told myself to hunt those items down in the sales and guess what I got about 80% of the things and I didn't buy anything that wasn't on that list. Tap on the back for me! But really, it wasn't hard.... I wasn't that impressed with the sales this year. 

Faux fur coat, Miss Selfridge was £69 but £32 on sale (plus student discount I think) 
Zara bag, was £26 paid £23... I know, I know but I was going to get it anyway

Zara white jumper with open back,  I paid £17 and I think is was about £36-£38 before. Zara stripe long sleeve top was £9.99 I paid £4 

Amazing pyjama bottoms from Cath Kidston paid £18 I think they used to be £32 (this is what happens when you blog so much latter!) 

Because there is no way I can afford Agent Provocateur with out it sales. I'm only showing this bra but I got two pairs of pants too. Was £95 only paid £20! 

Some other underwear from Playful Promises, I'm unsure on prices but I think I paid £12 for the pants and £10 for the bra 

I had been wanting a Monica Vinader ring or two for a very long time now. I got this baby for just £21.50 and it was about £65. It's beautiful.

I didn't do great in the beauty sales, I think it's an area that gets targeted first and I had to wait for money to clear but I am glad I got this hair oil for £12

Lastly, I really needed some mugs because somehow we broke all of ours and I had one left. I got these from Cath Kidston for £12 instead of £24 

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