19 October 2013

You can try and take us but we're the gladiators

L'oreal Paris Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum
"Skincare to help transform the apperance of skin quality as if perfected. Pores look virtually undetectable, tone looks more even, skin texture feels sily-soft" 

Check, check and check again. This stuff is great. If you are a fan of primers (lest face it, most of us are) this, to me at least, is far better than primers. Not only does it actually do what it claims but it also works like a primer and helps make-up last. It blurs the unevenness of my face's skin tones, makes my face sure soft to touch and the pores are much more hidden whiles leaving me with a much more even complexion all over. The packaging is also nice,  a pink box like the rest of the range with a nice simple glass pump bottle inside, can't fault it one bit.  The only problem is that  I have oily skin so if I was to just put this on with any odd foundation or no foundation at all then it's not all that great but when I don't have foundation on I don't have anything on other than a moisturiser so for me, it's not a massive problem at all but important to mention. 
At £16.99 (boots) it's worth it, specially since you only need one pump for each use.. and I have a big face. 

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  1. This product sounds like it was made for me! Great review, definitely going to purchase it now! x