09 October 2013

Lush Haul

I need to share with the world my love for LUSH. Okay, so this isn't a new found love, I've loved LUSH since well....I'm not really sure but definitely at least twelve years. It's not a cheap option and it's easy to just stick to popping in to Boots or Superdrug to get your essentials but from now on, I definitely will be popping in to LUSH a lot more.
 If you have never heard of LUSH, it is a personal care company that open it's first shop in 1994 but the idea started in 1976. Lush products are 100% vegetarian, 83% vegan, and 60% preservative-free (though these numbers fluctuate, as the product range changes frequently). So clearly, the do not test on animals or in most cases even use any animals to make their products. They sell everything from hair products, moisturisers and shower jells to bath bombs, make-up and henna hair dye. They even have spas now! Want to learn more? Just head to their website (click

Retread Conditioner £10.25 (245g) and Rehab Shampoo (250g)  £ 10.45
Both these products are intended to be used by people with dry, damaged or very old hair (long haired people, at the end of the day all that hair is actually dead, you need to give some life some how) Retread is meant to restore the outer layer shaft of your hair if your hair gets or is worn and damaged. (can I get a 'yep, that's me). This pot is filled with goodness that a normal high street shampoo brand doesn't have. This is packed with seaweed, soya milk and olive, jojoba and avocado oils. All natural ingredients that we all know have many health benefits. Rehab is just that, is helping your hair get back to scratch, to how it used to be. Obviously that's going very depending on how damaged your hair really is, if it's really that bad I'd advice cutting it and starting again, I did and although I hated it, it was the best thing I ever did to my hair. Rehab also has seaweed in as well some of the same oils as retread but also citrus juices and many more natural oils. Packed with goodness then! 
 I am very honest about products and I can honestly say that just from the first use of both of these products together I noticed the difference. I've never had that before with any products. My hair looked so much more shiny, stronger and just over all more healthy I can't remember the last time I received so many compliments on my hair. These products aren't for you if you are one of those people who likes shampoos for their smell etc. These products don't smell bad but they do smell like something from a health shop. 

Angles on Bare Skin fresh cleanser £6.35  (100g)  and Enzymion facial moisturiser £13.95 (45g) 

Now you know I have dry and damaged hair you can also now find out that I have oily and blemish prone skin.... it's grate being me! The cleanser is meant to even out skin tone, reduce redness and improve the health of you skin so you have a natural glow to your skin again. The main ingredient is almonds, once contact it made with water the ground up almonds turn in to an almond milk paste and the almond oil and other oils are involved now too. You only need a very small amount to cover all your face, then just use an muslin cloth to remove or leave on a bit longer for a quick face mask whiles you brush your teeth. I was worried it would be no good on my oily skin but it has worked wonders! My skin tone is much more even now and I do have more of a glow and I've only used it about five times, it's brilliant! As for the moisturiser, it is intended to be used by people who suffers from oily skin. Fruit is packed in this pot with avocado and aloe vera being key ingredients. I used this at night. It is very light but hardly any is needed as it is so rich. I used to wake up with very oily skin (specially when it's been hot at night, sweat and all, I know ew) and I only get the tiniest amount around my nose when I wake! I know you want to know if it keeps oil away all day and to be honest no BUT it controls it a lot more, I get a lot less oil on my nose and none on my forehead which I used to get but it also depends on the make-up you use (if any) and how oily you skin was to begin with plus it's colder now so it's never going to be as bad as Summer. Over all I will definitely be buying all these products again and can't recommend them enough. Beauty bloggers need to turn to Lush more. 

(A bath bomb is in the op picture but I used it before photographing it separately, woops! But it was Big Blue

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